Can I have sarees of my own converted into a Godhadi? And how many sarees are needed?

Yes, of course.
For a godhadi sized 60 x 90 inches (5 x 7.5 feet), we need 1 saree for each layer. A minimum of 2 sarees is required, and the number can increase depending on how many layers you'd like.


Can I have a custom sized godhadi made?

Our standard sized godhadis are 36x48 inches (for babies), 60x90 inches (for adults), and 90x90 inches (for a double bed). If you have a custom size in mind, we can make it accordingly for you.


What if I want a multiple layer godhadi, but just have 2 sarees?

Not a problem! We have unbleached mul fabric that we can add as the inner layers for your godhadi.


What is the process? 

In order to get started, you'd have to confirm details in terms of size, number of layers, and how many sarees/how much fabric you have available via email. Post that, send us the fabric, we will make the godhadis, and deliver the pieces back to you.


I live outside of India, can I place an order too? 

Yes you can.  We deliver overseas, and offer payment through PayPal.


How soon will my order be ready?  And how will it reach me?

It takes up to 4 weeks to get a piece ready and delivered to your doorstep. Courier charges are additional.
(Please note: International deliveries take longer and would depend on the delivery address.)


Can I purchase a ready gift of a blanket/godhdi from The Initiative?

Yes of course. Email us and we'll let you know what we have in stock.


If I order a gift for someone, can it be delivered directly to them?

Yes, it can. Just share their details with us before hand.