Organiser Book
Organiser Book

Organiser Book

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Armed with a 2 hole binder, this book enables you to easily add papers of your choice - coloured paper dividers, handwritten notes, bills & receipts, sketches, special drawing paper...the list is endless.
Use it as a daily planner, recipe book, notebook, sketchbook, or much more.

- 50 A-5 pages (unlined, unbleached paper)
- External dimensions: 7x8.75 inches
- Handwoven cotton inner lining
- Inner pocket 

The exterior fabric is handwoven Ikat sourced directly from small-scale weavers in a village of Telangana, India.
This fabric is not the handiwork of only the weaver, but is that of an entire team of people who plan, plot, tie, and dye, to bring a pattern to life.